Goat treats

cheribelle(Z5 IA)July 4, 2005

A while back there was a posting asking about treats for goats. Well, I just got mugged for my bag of corn chips!

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LOL! did the mugger get away with your whole bag??

my goat loves marshmallows. my horse loves marshmallows. the llamas haven't quite taken to them yet. heck, *I* love marshmallows! :)

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dighappy(z7 NJ)

My goats will chase you down for anything with salt on it.....they also love, love, love frootloops cereal. Haven't tried marshmallows yet, although I would probably fight them for them, I love'm too, especially when they are roasted over the grill...yum!

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Turtle_Haven_Farm(Z5 NY)

They'll climb all over you for sliced apples. - Ellen

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I don't have my goats yet but when I went visiting, the people who keep them say they'll do anything for oranges (of all things.)

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Mine get tomato pomace when I'm canning juice, extra zucchini, cukes and the like, apple peels and cores--just about any excess produce or clean waste from canning. I don't feed candy items and such.

If you've ever seen a shark feeding frenzy on TV or in a movie, you have some idea what my goats do when I take them a bucket of pea hulls or tomato trimmings.

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Well,one thing my goat won't eat water melon or honeydew rine or the good part. Atleast until the rine dries up crispy after the chickens have eaten all the good stuff. Then she will eat it like crazy. That was a huge surprise for me. I thought she would really appreciate the honeydew the otherday it was so hot. All she would do was smell it and politely pass on it. Her ABSOLUTE FAVORITE is chicken feed! LOL

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Poochella(7 WA)

Mine get dahlia stalks and leaves in late Fall- they are great recyclers. Their favorite treat is broken off evergreen or deciduous tree branches, but I'm decidedly curious about trying the Fruit Loops now!

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Turtle_Haven_Farm(Z5 NY)

Mine devour wild rose bushes. I don't know how they handle the thorns, but they fall all over each other for them! And they love pine needles, too. - Ellen

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knightnananc(z7 nc)

Our goats love honeysuckle and cheetoes are their favorite snack.

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How interesting. Never thought about feeding my goat anything other than leaves and regular sweet feed or hay. Now I know what to do with the cukes that grow to large to use and the pea hulls, etc. Thank you everyone. And I just bet "Baby" thanks you too. :o)

Now I am wondering if the rabbits will eat cucumbers. Hummmmmmmmm....I know the chickens love pecking on them...

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bramble_farm(Zone 7)

Peanuts! And kettle corn! (Baseball game leftovers) And raisins! And bread! I go down all excited to feed our 6 cuties, and then run bedraggled back up the hill cursing and spitting about the little monsters. They create a goat "teepee" with me in the center, hollering and holding the plastic bag up as hight as I can. You'd think I'd learn to change out of work clothes first!!

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my milking nanny (Rosy) just loves the tops off of horseweeds .
i have also seen goats devour licorice .

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I don't have goats (wish I did, but it wouldn't work in an apartment). However, I did read last year that avocados are toxic to goats. Who ever would think that?
Just a word of caution.

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hi all, i am new with my goats, bosco, makayla, leona,dalton, 1- lamb shy shy
1 bably minature zebu calf 6 weeks old, I cant explain the love I have for all my babies! I can tell you they all love honey grahm crackers, old fashion oats,and go figue corn on the cob!! They all came to me after hurrican wilma in oct. and i cant image not having them around, they have a jungle gym to play on and i am teaching them to play kick ball. I love Them!! lisa

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My parents have a goat who goes wild for LIT cigarette butts... as was discovered when the bugger immediately scarfed up a lit butt that was (nastily) dropped on the ground. If the goat smells smoke, he comes running and pesters, waiting for the butt. How disgusting is that!?! (Not to mention completely unhealthy-- and no, he definitely is NOT given them as a treat!)

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my next door neighbor has a nicotine addicted goat. she will follow them around while they are smoking, and will get quite aggresive until they blow the smoke in her face a couple of times, then she will go and lay down and get really calm. i don't smoke, and really dont think goats should either.
my goats just love anything but onions!

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The company we buy our horse treat just came out with a goat treat and goat mineral. I will add it to the site next week.

Here is a link that might be useful: Fleming Outdoors

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My goat loves cereal (any kind) He also loves rabbit and duck food--why? I have no idea!!!

He loves any kind of dorrito or chips and he also loves m&m's. He likes peanut butter candies too and twizzlers. I give him foods like that for treats/snacks.

He eats his goat feed ok, but he'd rather have sweets over goat feed any day :)

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caavonldy(8/9 N CA)

I don't want to give away my age, but I remember when we would give our horse a cigerette every once in a while to keep away worms. It must have worked. The horse never had worms in the 6 years that we had him.

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All I do is shake a box of vanilla wafers out the back door and they will come running thought they were colorblind but that yellow box gets em running for sure

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Mine love just about anything, but goldfish crackers, animal crackers & raisens are the favorites! I only have 2 that are finicky out of 14.

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