WANTED: what to do about seeds that don't germinate

woodsidetrader(PA/6)April 29, 2014

last fall I did a large trade. None of the seeds that I received germinated. off all the seeds I started this season, only the ones from that one trader have been a problem. So it has to be the seeds. Tried to contact her, but while she is still listed here there is nothing on her page, including no contact info or email, even thru g-web. Any suggestions?
Other than not wasting my garden space with any of her seeds that would have gone directly to the garden. All are going in the trash so that I don't accidently pass the on.

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You could express your dissatisfaction on the Rate & Review Forum (if you haven't already): many people check there before initiating or responding to a trade request.

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

Tried to contact her, but while she is still listed here there is nothing on her page, including no contact info or email, even thru g-web. Any suggestions?
If it is the member you did a review for last fall, I believe that you might have spelled the name incorrectly. My guess is that it doesn't have a period (.) in it.

Just my 2 cents.

Nancy Drew

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gvozdika(8 OR)

What kind of seeds are they?

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Well, letting others know might be good. so they won't lose out.

Don't trade with her again.

Pregermination is always good, to see If any germinate.

If you can't pre germinate, then plant out and give them their two weeks germination time. And if they haven't germinated by then, succession plant something else very different that the previous seeds, so if any come up, you'll be able to tell which plant is which.

Meanwhile, post a want ad for whichever seeds, you got from her for replacements.

Sadly, stuff happens. I did trades where they say they didn't get them, and sent a replacement, or gave free seeds, saying one chance deal, if they don't get them, I can't resend.

I did a trade once and was surprised to recieve some seeds marked harvested in 2006! Gee, why weren't they grown, or rehomed in 6 years? Who knows if they will grow.

send a preliminary email to a seller asking about the seeds you want, such as how many in a pack, when were they grown/harvested, was it possible for them to have crossed, are they a hybrid variety, were they germination tested, were they from a commercial pack, were they hand saved by the trader, were they grown organically? etc.

most growers know all these answers.

Also, I bought 5 seeds to a squash, and only one grew.

I planted 7 purple beauty pepper seeds, and only 5 sprouted.

When I plant a type of seed, and get low on it, I add that seed onto my want list, until I'm able to save seeds to that variety myself.

As I'm able to save my own seed to varieties, I take that variety off the want list, and usually put it on the available list.

I also ask for seed counts before trading now.

Someone asked for something. I had a whole extra pack that I could have sent. When I asked how many seeds she'd send, she said 6. To some, that might be ok, but it's hard for me to front $2.00 for bubble pack postage, to receive, 6 seeds for a 49 cent stamp. To me, sending 6 seeds isn't really worth the postage, when I could buy a whole pack of many seeds something for the same amount.

Sometimes, I will trade a pack of 20, for a lesser amount, if I don't have that variety, and the postage cost is the same.

If you post what seeds didn't sprout, maybe someone who reads the post, could send you some to you, as a "pay it forward".

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