goat banding not working???

msjay2u(7)July 18, 2008

I got my goats two males. both were freshly banded and I was told that in a few weeks the testicles would dry up and fall off. They were banded 6/29/08

Ricky is quite frisky and I figured that he would calm down once the jewels fall off. they look a little flatter. Fred's look like a pancake.

Yesterday Fred was mounting Ricky and I thought I saw a little red but I was not sure. Today I petted Ricky and I definately saw the red rod come out.


Is this supposed to be happening???????

How do I know if the bands are going to work???

I definately do not want to wind up with 2 bucks!!

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msjay2u, It takes more than a couple of weeks for the testicles to fall off. More like a month or more. You can check and make sure the band is around both testicles. Sometimes, it is possible to miss a testicle and only band one, especially if one didn't drop. It takes a while for the testosterone to stop, so the mounting behavior isn't unusual. You also need to make sure you don't feed them grain or a lot of high protein food so they don't get urinary calculi which is the bain of wethers who get too much grain or alfalfa. You need to do a quick check to make sure the one wethered goat in question has both of his jewels in the band.:-)


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one of them looks like both jewels are in there but the other like I said looks flat.i have to touch them to check? ewwwwwl
they are not going to do that peeing stuff are they?
(there are no does around)
also I do feed them grain... 1 cup a day... and I put a little cider vinegar in their water every few days. they are not out in the pasture full time yet because I have not figured out what is wrong with the fence yet.

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Jacki, the goat with the "flat" ones was probably banded first as they look that way when they are getting close to falling off. They flatten out because the blood supply has been basically cut off with the band. The other goat probably wasn't banded at the same time, or the band isn't tight enough. I would keep an eye on that one to make sure the testicles start to shrivel up. Sometimes the band isn't tight enough and it might need another band. They shouldn't do the peeing thing - usually only bucks in rut do it. Have fun with that.:-)


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Our wethers still mount the girls but don't do any of the other goat romanceing. Before we got them one of the girls would be the "buck" and mount the the others. It is a goat thing.

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how about butting is that a goat thing too> how much butting is too much or too aggressive? do I let them be?

The jewels have not fallen off yet but they ook mighty shriveled up. no more mounting either.

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highplainswoman(5 AZ)

My doe gave birth to twin billy goats on March 23rd. I decided to keep one billy for breeding and band the other one. It took 2 or more months for the testicles to fall off. What is strange is that the whether does way more mounting than the buck. It's mostly a dominance issue.

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LOL that is funny. The mounting has stopped for now. I was thinking of getting a doe fainter but I guess I better wait until the jewels fall off to be safe huh?

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highplainswoman(5 AZ)

I bought my first 3 does from a neighbor/friend who was moving into town. I didn't know much about goats, but was pretty sure 3 females wouldn't be producing offspring. I was surprised one winter morning when I went into the barn to find 2 bloody things in the stall that looked like rabbits. I "knew" it wasn't baby goats because this young doe was just 7 or 8 month old and wasn't suppose to be pregnant. My husband dried them off, one was dead and the other we nursed along because he couldn't even stand up. We named him "Billy the Kid" and he grew fast, nursing his mom who finally figured out that this "little thing" was her kid.
Anyway, before we seperated him from his mom, she ended up pregnant again and then he got the other young doe and it just kept escalating. Now there are 10, we gave him to a neighbor and now there are more little ones on the way.

The moral of this story is never underestimate the breeding abilities of young goats. :-)

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wait a minute.... you never mentioned a buck.

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highplainswoman(5 AZ)

"Billy the Kid" wasn't exactly a "buck" he was just a few months old and still nursing when he "nailed" the other does. Then the females started droping twins and triplets, it doesn't take long before you get up a crowd. Now I'm supplying Nubian/Boer mix goats for the neighborhood. Plus I have raw milk, fresh butter and cheese.

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well guys the jewels have fallen off both bucks and now they are officially wethers! The spot is healed and you can not even see where anything was there. Now people ask me all the time if they are boys or girls. tee hee hee.

I have not seen any more mounting. they are starting to calm down too. not sure if that is due to them getting older or what.

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I have 3 bucks and 1 doe. The doe got prego and had her kid 9/25/08. We banded him a little over a month ago and his jewels havent fallen off yet. My husband said they are hard but are still attached. Should I worry about infections or just "wait it out"?

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it took a while for the bands to fall off. Also a friend of mines told me they still have sex! Said it is just like a man that had a vasectomy even though they can't have babies does not mean they do not like to have sex anymore. don't know if it is true or not. I think it took almost 3 months for the jewels to fall off.

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How old can you band a buckling? I have a 4 week old bucking I just got and am bottle raisning it but when can I band him?

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6-8 months. You should wait as long as you can but also considering that you have to do it while the testicles still fit in the bander.

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