Want to start a vegetable/flower farm

aleafJuly 11, 2014

Hello everyone,
I am new to this forum. My kids are almost all grown with the last a senior in high school. I want to start a garden growing flowers and some Asian vegetables. I have been researching gardening and it seems like it is a lots of work, but am willing to start small and see if I am endowed with a green thumb or black. If I can take the uncertainty maybe even get a farm.

Any suggestions on how to get started. My house is on an acre lot which slopes at the back. While I don't use pesticides on my grass,my neighbors do. I want to have as few pesticides as possible on the stuff I grow. Should I try a small raised bed? Would using root hormones for vegetables cause them inedible? And how do I keep the bugs away? And what is he best time to start. My potted tomatoes last year got infested by this caterpillar that chewed all the leaves by the time I got back from work ð­. I live in North Carolina. Thanks!!! Pam

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You might get more info if you post your question at either of these other Gardenweb links. Good luck!

Links that might be useful:



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