guineas hatching

oberhasli1July 14, 2010

I have two guinea hen sitting on eggs in my barn. They were due to hatch any day and I heard peeping today and I looked in carefully and saw 3 or 4 babies. I have put water out near them and some food. My problem is that the nest they made is in a four to five inch tall crate and I'm worried the babies won't be able to hop out to get at the food and water. I don't know if I should intervene or not. I believe they were born today and the hens are still sitting on the remaining eggs. If I do intervene I was thinking I should move everyone out of the crate and onto the straw. But, I will need some padding because those moms are fierce.

Should I wait until tomorrow and see how they are doing or jump in today?

Any expertise would be appreciated. These hens have had successful hatches in the past, but it was in a straw nest on the floor of the barn.


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Just a note to follow up. I intervened and moved everyone out of the crate. All is well.

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