Hen with chicks is sitting on another broody hen's nest?

riakettyJuly 31, 2009


We have 3 broody hens/nests within 3 feet of each other. Lucky us, right? Well, each nest is about a week apart in hatching time. The first nest hatched yesterday and mama hen started taking the babies out today. I cleaned up the bad eggs out of her nest.

Well, I came in tonight to see her -- and her chicks -- sitting on another broody's nest. The other hen is going frantic because she 'lost' her nest... tearing up the straw, wandering around clucking, etc. What should I do? If I move the first hen, the 2nd will probably sit on her eggs again, but will this keep happening? Should I have left the bad eggs in there? I've removed them from similar situations and it didn't seem to matter to the hen...


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Yikes! You have one upset little Mama! I would move little mamas nest/eggs to a secluded area so that she can have them back and finish hatching her babies. You should always clean up any eggs that don't hatch-you do not want to have a problem with pests and possible disease from left over eggs. I would also move the other nest/eggs to another secluded spot also so that everybody will be happy-out of site out of mind sorta thing-new mama will take care of her babies and forget about the other nesters'.

I have had that happen and have always just moved them and then everybody was happy--however, I don't think I will let that many set on eggs again :) I had one girl that just kept on taking the other girls nest/eggs even though she had her own babies---she would see the eggs and holler yippee,yippee more eggs!! :) So now I will only let one have eggs at a time!!

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