predator killed duck

oldgraymare(4 WI)July 26, 2014

A predator killed a couple of my ducks last nite. When I went to the barn they were both headless. Traps set for tonight!! Im thinking its a opossum. Any tips ??

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RuthieG__TX(z8 TX)

could be anything but my guess would be raccoon..I hate those basta....ds...they kill just for the pleasure...

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Opossums are more the scavenger type. Do you have coyotes?


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oldgraymare(4 WI)

This was in a closed up barn at night. Doors were still shut so I dont think it was a raccoon or coyote. I dont know how they would get in.If they got in during the day when doors were open I would see them. Everythings pretty open in there. no holes or anything around barn or doors. Nothing happened last nite..I have a camera set up so I can see and hear everything. Nothing in trap yet either. I spent most of last nite watching and listening!! Not alot of sleep. Frustrating!!

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