Having quite a poultry problem this week

sujiwan_gwJuly 5, 2010

I have 3 areas I use for my poultry. One is a shed on stilts, another is one of the cute AMish made sheds with the Dutch doors and 2 windows, the third is like a divided run in shed that has been wired in the openings and around the interior.

Last week, one of the Amish shed bantams went missing. THe next day, family members put netting over the top of the outdoor run and left the door open to cool it down. SOmething got in and killed the other 2 bantams. The following day, for the first time in a year, something managed to get inside the run in shed and killed 2 hens. My husband put up an interior pen within the run in shed and something injured one of the ducks to the muscle/tendons under her wing. She was inside one of those hanging feeders when discovered. Now, due to fears of insecure quarters, the hends were moved to the Amish hut and this heatwave is killing them --one next to the water by the window this morning. A second succunbed this evening inside the run-in shed.

For safety from predators, my ducks and geese were herded to our "pool building" (empty pool) but it's like 90-100 in there with all windows open at 7 pm.

I'm at wits end and don't know how to keep more from dying overnight. What can I do? We think the predator may be a raccoon although we aren't certain. Tempos are expected to be 101-105 with high humidity Tuesday and Wednesday and I don't know what I'm going to do.

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Get a short (25') flat sprinkler hoses. Put it in the run and turn it on, they will love it.

If there isn't shade be sure to make some for them. I use small cheap tarps (with eyelets) and 6-8 seven foot tall fence post. Lay the tarp on the ground where you are going to provide the shade. Pound the fence posts (about 2' deep) into the ground about 1' from the edge of the tarp lining up with the eyelets. Be sure to have the post tilted away from the tarp (this allows for stretching and prevents the posts from loosening in the wind. Use sturdy 1/4" rope and tie one side of the tarp to the corresponding three/four posts allowing about 8-10" of slack between posts and tarp. On the opposite side drawl the middle post(s) tight and then do the corner posts also drawling them up tight.

My shade tarps have withstood an 85-90 MPH straight line wind gust 3 weeks ago without damage and they provide good shade.

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