How many chickens...

tasymoJuly 20, 2008

...can I safely and comfortably house in a 4'x4' coop? I just found a really cute, well constructed wooden play house at Lowes on clearance for $150. It's 4 foot square, with a peaked roof that is 6 feet at the peak. With some adaptation, I think it will make a really fine chicken coop. I want to do deep litter, for warmth in the Winter, so will have my Hubby construct a 4 to 6 inch base to set it on (it does not come with a floor) so that will increase the total height.

Also, I read somewhere on this forum, where someone used vinyl flooring, for ease of cleaning. I'm wondering how well that has held up? Is it worth the bother?

I'm so excited to be moving forward with my "Chicken project" and will post pics once I get the little house put together. Thanks in advance for any feedback! Kathy

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Hi Kathy - grab it, as that's a good deal. Wood alone will cost that much or more...and time...labor. We laid linolium sheeting before putting up the wall structure. The two windows went in today. Can you believe it? My future chickens get new windows and us human still have the old windows?...LOL We are having fun though. Have fun with the chicken project.


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that is a good deal take it from someone who is building a cooop and has already hit the $200 mark and still need more supplies!!

I will let the experts answer the question you asked just had to chime in to tell you that $150 was a good deal

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Yes indeed, I did snatch up my little house for $150 (original price was $300). My Son and I just finsihed putting it together. Obviously it will need some adaptations and weather sealing, but all in all, it's pretty snug. I plan on putting two nesting boxes inside with the divider centered over one window, and a "trap door" covering the window on the outside. That way I can reach into either nesting box to retrieve eggs, from the outside. None of the hardware for the door has been installed yet, since that will have to be upgraded. Does anyone have tips on how to provide ventilation without drafts? Remember Folks, this is a work in progress and I'm counting on your input!! Kathy

Here is a link that might be useful:

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ginni77(z 5)

Wow! That's so cute and a great price!

In a 4X4 coop you could probably house 3-5 chickens depending on what size breed you choose and if they have any outdoor access.

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OH MAN! THAT IS REALLY CUTE!! and what a deal you got on that one!!! where are the deals when I am out looking? Are you going to fence an area around it for the chickens to come out? You can do so many cute things with that!

I would love to see the final set up.

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Thanks Everyone!
Yup, I plan on putting in a nice big run that is completely fenced (over the top too) since I can't let the chickens free range here. This little house just begs for lots of flowers around it, so I hope to get some perennials like black eyed susans and purple cone flowers established around the perimeter, before I get the girls.

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