Ivomec dosing HELP

roleftJuly 9, 2011

I've read hundreds of posts on the subject of dosing dogs for heartworm prevention with 1% Ivomec solution. I'm more confused than ever. Some say dilute, some say don't dilute. I've noted dosages for undiluted 1% Ivomec for my 70 lb dog anywhere from .2cc to .7cc. Could someone please clear this up? Is it really that difficult to get a proper dosage or is this a kind of subjective topic?

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Why don't you ask your vet? They know the proper dosage for your dog.

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I have two tea-cup Chihuahua's they both weigh little over a pound, they are about 3 months old, I want to try Ivomec, but not sure of the dosage, so many people have recommended this to me, can anyone tell me the dosage, then I have a 5lb Chihuahua and I would like to try this on her as well, we are fighting fleas like crazy, also what does anyone recommend for fleas in the yard, my boyfriend went into the back yard today and got covered with fleas on his legs.

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