front line for chickens

josieoh-05July 17, 2010

I took 3 roosters to a livestock sale today and got to talking to another chicken person. This guy told me he always uses front line plus on his chickens for mites. I had never heard of this, I usually dust a little sevin on mine. Has anyone else use the front line?


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flowerchild59(z6b IL)

I read on another site that you use three drops(on the skin not the feathers) of the cat frontline. You have to not eat the eggs for awhile. I don't know all the details.
Frontline would be useful for mites, lice and the such.

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If you were keeping the roos for yourself that's one thing, but I think ANY livestock or domestic animal going into a sale should be kept chemical free for a certain amount of time, because you don't know if someone is going to butcher it immediately or not. And, they don't know what you have used so can't make a decision whether it's safe to eat or not. Large animals often have that regulation imposed on them going into an auction situation, but suspect fowl doesn't get the same consideration.

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sandykk(z6 MD)

You can always dust them with Sevin, less expensive. I just had to do it once when I first got mine, they must have come with lice as pullets. Now I use food grade DE in their nest boxes and in the pine shavings on the floor of the coop. It also helps keep the flies gone.

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Calliope, My roosters did not have any chemicals on them when i sold them. I agree with everything you said. The guy I was talking to at the sale just told me about the frontline. I have used sevin a couple of times in the past on a few birds, but never before I sold them. Sandykk, I have heard a lot of good things about DE. I can not find it where I live, but I did order some about 2 days ago.
Thanks Josieoh-05

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flowerchild59(z6b IL)

I use food grade DE in my feed, on the roosts and nest boxes, and in the dust bath areas. It is a nice product to have around. I keep it stored with my feed so it is readily assessible to use.
I would rather use something natural like DE than have a bird going out of its birdy brain with mites and lice. If I have to resort to chemicals, I read, read, read then make an informed decision to use or not use that product.

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Frontline is an extremely strong poison. any tick or flea that comes in contact with your pets hair coat will die within 18 hours of first contact with a treated pet. It probably will not kill a healthy person dead but I would sure be angry if I ate the chicken and found out later.

For some person with a medical problem it probably could be life threatening. Some people are very sensitive to things and must be very careful.

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try permethrin, cheaper, and the main ingredient in frontline for dogs, do not use on cats and the lable says don't eat the eggs for 5-7 days

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Rescued an adult rooster who had frostbite to his toes. Brought him to a vet who treated his mites with puppy Revolution, amazing it worked. Put it in the same place between his wings.

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What is DE?

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