My rooster was attacked by the neighbors dogs

stooballJuly 23, 2008

My rooster jumped the fence and was attacked by two neighbor dogs. I rushed to save him and brought him back. He acted normal, and actually did some 'rooster' things with the chickens.

But the past 2 days, he's just been sitting in the coop. I feed him and give him water by hand, but he still doesn't leave the coop. What else can I do to help my poor rooster?

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brendan_of_bonsai(4b AK)

Pick him up and put him just outside the coop for a little while, or leave him to rest, he will probably eventually assume his rooster duties once again when he is ready.

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sullicorbitt(z5 MA)

You didn't mention if he was injured? If he has visible wounds they should be treated or he may have some internal injuries.

Is he eating or drinking on his own at all? If yes I would just let him hang out in the coop as long as he needs to.


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Thank you for the replies, yes he was eating better when I put the food and water nearby.

This morning, he was standing around the entrance of the coop. Thank you for the replies again, I was really worried. :(

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Stooball, my rooster was also attacked by a neighbor dog last week. I know from the feather trail that the dog got him on my property. The neighbor was nice enough to come over and own up to it and let us know that he last saw the bird alive but didn't want to further traumatize him by chasing him around. That night Rocky (rooster) came back to roost. A little worse for the wear but not injured. He was very quiet and sullen for several days. He is now puffed up and proud, doting on his girls and crowing in the morning like nothing ever happened! Lori

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