Mt Fresh tomatoes

lizbeth_paJune 10, 2012

Does anyone grow this variety? I am trying this variety for the first time this yr. Usually I get plum tomatoes or early girl. I found that the squirrels love the plum tomatoes and I would fight the squirrels too much just for a couple of those tomatoes. Do you know how big these will get, meaning how high the plant will grow and how large the tomatoes are supposed to get? I'd appreciate any heads up on this subject and any advice on growing them!! They look pretty good so far.

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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

You'll more detailed info over on the Growing Tomatoes forum here. The search bar on that forum will pull several discussions about it and its sisters. It is one of the Mountain Series hybrids bred for shipping and markets and is noted for its disease resistance not its flavor.

It is a determinate plant requiring a stake or small cage, approx. 4 feet tall and sets red, medium sized fruit. Most of mine were 8-10 oz. on the container plants and a few a little bigger - say 12 oz. - on the in-ground plants. They are not beefsteak size by any means just small to medium slicers.

IME squirrels like any and all tomatoes so I wouldn't count on them leaving this one alone either. :)


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Thank you for your reply, Dave! You sound very informative about gardening. Although i have Amish neighbors helping me a lot in the garden!

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