Worming feral kittens

Roberta_z5(Z4/5 IL)July 13, 2006

We have four very cute feral kittens that are growing up with our New Hampshire Red hens. The hens are lots bigger than the kitties and keep them in their place. I feed the kittens dry food and one seems to have an extended belly. I am afraid she has worms and want to know if garlic might help this.

Please don't suggest a vet at this point in my life. We don't have health care for ourselves. When they are old enough to be spayed/neutered I will worry about that. If garlic will help, I could put it in tuna fish. What are some other natural remedies. Other than that, they all seem very healthy. They are shiny and seem to be well-kept. Maybe this one just ate a mouse or something! (I can only hope.)

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Hi Roberta,
The garlic won't help. You should be able to get piperzine at your feed store. Piperzine takes care of roundworms and rounds are common in kittens and puppies. It is fairly inexpensive.
You can get shots at the feed store for the kittens too. They are around $7.00 a shot. Tractor Supply carries them.

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patrick_nh(z4/5 NH)

For both the kittens' sake and your's I would suggest brining them to a shelter where they will be treated and cared for properly. It's very sad that you can't afford health care for yourself, so what are you doing spending money on dry cat food, tuna fish, wormers that will be only partially effective, etc? If it were me, I'd take care of myself and my family first, until I was in a better position to be able to help some kittens.

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Roberta_z5(Z4/5 IL)

Wow Patrick, I sure am glad I don't depend on health insurance to keep me healthy ---- Doctors aren't God and what they do is called a "Practice". My last trip to a doctor was in 1972 when I gave birth to my fourth child. I am extremely healthy and have no need for people practicing on me. I do just fine with that category myself. Yes, I could take the kitties to a shelter and they would put them down. Yep that sounds like a good plan!

I am simply looking for a way to naturally de-worm these babies. There has to be one or no feral cat would make it in the wild. (Yes, I know the life of a feral cat is three years. Take them to a shelter and their life span is - hmmm - when they get there.) Please don't tell me about no-kill shelters. That is a joke.

The classifieds are full of free kitty ads. I like these little guys. They are living with the chickens (in fact, the chickens are caring for them) and they will be good to get rid of our rodent population some day.

So Patrick, I am glad I am not you.

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patrick_nh(z4/5 NH)

You have an interesting perspective on things. You asked for advice, and I gave it, based on a lot of experience with these matters and what IMO is best for all involved. Sorry that it wasn't the answer that you were hoping for. I could go on about there being no real natural dewormer, only the select few fittest animals that survive with a manageable parasite population that may overtake them at the slightest stress. I could argue that a chance of adoption in a shelter, even if euthanasia is a possibility, is better than a three year existence without any medical care for these kittens who had no control over their being born, but somehow I don't think that you'd agree. I see now how silly it was of me to suggest that you provide medical care for a kitten when you yourself have done so well for so long without it. Best of luck to you.

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Hi, I've had to deworm feral kittens before,and I found that a lot of feed stores carry dewormers for cats.Here in canada I pay around 5 dollars for a little pack.More than enough to do mama and kittens.I just guessed you might freqent a feed store because you said you had hens.
I'm sorry I don't know of any herbal methods of worming.
Good luck.

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I work at a feed store and we carry a couple wormers for kittens we also carry the basic shots. It is hard to have a vet come out and a long way so we tend to care for our own animals as much as possible. Some of the kitten wormers can be mixed with food I would use a cat food because sometimes tuna(not really a good food for cats) will give them the runs.

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I think it's great of you to care for these kittens. If they were taken to a shelter they would more than likely be euthanized because there are more kittens than they can adopt out. Isnt it a shame that a vet trip is so $$$, then again what isn't! Good luck

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Roberta asked a simple question, "will garlic worm a kitten?". She didn't asked for anyone's personal opinions on what should be done with her kittens? Or any comments on her perspective or your, "honest opinion on what you think is best for all involved."?
Sheeze, you do think highly of your opinions...

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Roberta, I hope your kittens are doing OK. I have found that my chickens occasionally kill and eat mice in my yard too. But my 'owner' cats keep all kinds of pests out of the yard. I also have a couple of feral cats that come around every now and then and I give them wormer in their food, just so they don't spread worms to the cats that own me.

It's possible that the kitten that has the distended belly may already have so many worms that she may not be healthy enough to survive. That's the hard truth about living in the wild, but I'm sure you already know that. The garlic you mentioned will help your kittens to repel external parasites like lice, mites, fleas and ticks, and I do recommend that if you have some, give them a little bit of it on their food each day.

A lot of people who work in feed stores know about the care of animals or know someone who does. When I have questions about my chickens, instead of asking the vet, I call one of these local guys and see what he thinks. There's a lot of local knowledge and experience out there, just ask. But always trust your gut whether you're talking to a vet or a farmer, because none of us knows everything.


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Roberta_z5(Z4/5 IL)

Thanks for all your good advice. I don't drive and will check out the feed store once I can get there. The garlic seemed to do something though. I don't even know if the kitties had worms --- maybe not and maybe they are just active and healthy looking because they are happy to be alive.

I don't see extended bellies anymore now. Hmmmm. Maybe it was just my imagination that maybe they had problems.

I do wonder though how animals in the wild do without health insurance?

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The feed store should have some food-grade Diatomaceous Earth, which acts as a natural dewormer. The pharmaceutical dewormers can cause other problems for your cats, so I wouldn't recommend using them.

If your kitten has worms, it's most likely Roundworms, as they are the most common. However, if your kitten has fleas, it could easily be tapeworm. It's best to keep the cats' home as free of fleas as possible so they don't get tapeworm from the fleas, and deworming only works if there aren't more fleas to get it from again. So I'd recommend planting some flea-repellent plants near where your kittens live, such as lavender, garlic, lemongrass, or catmint.

However, it is most likely that your kitten was just a little constipated, which is a common occurrence among weaning kittens, especially if there is much corn or dairy in their diet.

@Patrick: Vets and Doctors are greatly influenced by money. Isn't everyone? A lot of money comes their way for recommending products from large corporations who'll pay them to recommend things. This is why most vets recommend pet food with corn,wheat, AND soy in it, which shortens the lifespan of your pet by 75% or more. (A cat who doesn't have these elements to their diet can easily live into it's thirties or even forties, but as we know, the average lifespan for a house cat eating regular cat food is 10-12 years.) Why would you trust a vet, or a doctor, with the health of your loved ones? Obviously, they can be useful, but trusting them implicitly is about as smart as trusting a politician.

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I know it's a little late, but I've heard you can use pineapple juice as a natural dewormer.

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clanross(7b Virginia)

Food grade diatomaceous earth is said to be a natural de-wormer. It is good for all kinds of animals and can be used in several ways. I think it has to be administered more frequently though. I'd Google it and check it out. I don't think worm medicine for a kitten would be very much even at a vet's office. Just go to a vet's office and ask how much medicine to de-worm a couple of feral kittens would be. If it's too much, you can just say "Thanks" and walk away.

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