help with pygmy goat kid, hooves

whitecloudfarm(z 5-6 West. PA)July 22, 2010

Two days ago, twin pygmy kids were born. They are healthy and active and adorable. They are nursing well.

Tonight, noticed for the first time that one of the kids seems to have a deformity on his front hooves. They look pigeon toed, twisted inward. He can still walk and even jumps around playing, but his front hooves are turned inward and he stands on the sides of them. I can certainly see a difference between him and his brother. Does this sound like a deformity caused by a defiency in his diet or mother's diet? Can we correct this or does it sound like a common deformity? Any advice is appreciated.

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Hi Whitecloudfarm,

Most kids are born with softer hooves, sometimes I note they can be a bit pointy, not always perfect. After a bit they harden up & look more normal, however I've never seen them turned sideways.
Do you have a picture?

Where is the sole of the hoof? Is it pointing downward and it looks like weak ankles? I'm having a hard time imagining what you are seeing.

If I'm not mistaken you are in a selenium deficient area. Not seeing the problem and going by what you wrote, I think I would proceed with a shot of selenium (BoSe vet script), and treat with CPMK for added calcium (Tums orally would work, too).

I'd monitor the kid for improvement over the next week or 2, which in turn would tell me if there was a pregnancy deficiency, and determine if the kid can survive if it does not correct itself.

If he doesn't correct himself (an actual deformity) here he would be put down as it will only get worse as he gains weight-it would be cruel to let him suffer, unless of course the turned hoof could be trimmed in such a way to relieve the stress of his weight(unlikely).

If it turns out to be a minor deformity he can function with, I would wether (fix) him for sure.

A pic would be helpful.

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whitecloudfarm(z 5-6 West. PA)

Thanks for the reply. He is actually already better on this own. I am guessing its weak ankles because the hooves themselves are not deformed comparing them to his brother's.
Tried taking pictures, but hard to do that shows what I am describing because he has to be standing on them to see what I mean.
He is wallking straight and upright now on his left hoof. His right one is standing straight but then bends at the ankle every now and then. I will keep an eye on him the next couple of days. I think his ankles are getting stronger on their own.
I'll post updates. Thanks again.

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