Duck, was attacked and injured

terminator5621July 2, 2008

We got some ducks a while ago, they all died as an animal killed them one night.

We got some more ducks, they were attacked again, even though much more secure, and 4 were killed and one is injured.

The injured one has a cut on his left side of face (close to eye so might be half-blind, and looks like maybe bird claws did this) and it appears to go down the back of his neck then to his right wing (wing appears to be ok).

So I brought him in and put a towel in a large bucket 18" diameter and have him in there with water (replaced with Pedialyte) and his food. I also went over his wounds with peroxide (on cotton balls) and an iodine swab, then for the damage near his eye I used colloidal silver (ew). Then I put some Neosporin over his wounds.

He worries me as he hasn't drank or ate anything and all he does is either lie down (and sleep), runs around in circles, or stands next to the wall of the bucket. Also he almost constantly twitches his head when he is awake and the cut on his head looks like it may of damaged the skull.

So what can I do to help him further, how can I tell if his brain is damaged, to what point should we put him down, and what is his chances of making it out ok?

One last thing, his right leg appears to be tilted inwards a little bit could it maybe be dislocated or broken, or is it normal?

Thank you for your help.

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brendan_of_bonsai(4b AK)

Birds tend to grab the animals and leave, if the prey is too big to fly off with they will rip off some meat and eat it then leave, probably not a bird. If the scratch is on one wide and there is no damage on the other it must have been claws not teeth so a cat is most likely the culprit, also since they weren't all eaten or taken a domestic animal is likely.

i.e. some jerk thinks its alright to let out his cat. sorry for your loss.

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a raccoon can also be a culprit ..they kill the duck and leave it there..nasty things. Hope your duck has improved,,

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