Lamancha Kidding

farmgirl01July 26, 2009

Hello, its been a while since I have been on the forum, but I always know where to look for help?

I have a 1 year old Lamancha Female goat. She has never kidded before. She has been in with a Male borer goat for probably 6 months or so. We noticed about two or three months ago that she was making a bag. Since then it has gotten a bit bigger. Her stomach does not seem to be much bigger than before. Is she pregnant for sure? Or what could be going on. We have 7 pgmy goats 2 lamancha and 1 borer. We have never had any kids of our on, so this will ne the first. Any thoughts or suggestion, please help. I would hate to go out one day and find a baby dead. I seperated her, but she didn't like it at all, so we put her back. HELP Please.

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Has you nanny kidded yet ??
i noticed you posted this on Sunday , i cant beleive nobody
has answered this , is everybody on vacation ??

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The gestational period of a goat is 5 months. Did you happen to write down when she was bred the first time and count from there? If she is beginning to bag up that is a good sign, but it could still be a month or so unless her udder gets REALLY full and tight. That means she will deliver in 12 hours or so. Also the ligaments next to her tail will get very loose. You can put your hand kind of over her tail and move it back and forth and it should feel loose. If you do this periodically during their pregnancy you can feel the difference as they get closer to kidding. Before they get ready to kid, my girls get very close to me and stick to me like glue. The day they kid they usually won't leave the barn either, but just hunker down and wait. If you get on line you can probably read up on some other signs of imminent kidding with pictures. They will also have a discharge about 2-4 hours before they are ready as well. Some goats,if it is their first pregnancy, will only have a single and don't ever look that pregnant.

Good luck with her, I hope all goes well.


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