Identifying Age of duckling

damneramaJuly 22, 2010

my friends mom found a baby duck this morning, he was attacked by other ducks. Im guessing it happened because he was drifting with a family that wasn't his own, so the mother got aggressive?

Either way, he was being killed, so her mother took pity and rescued it, and brought it home. Its doing much better now thankfully, so i have a question.

Should she put the duck back at the pond where she found it?

should she give it to a local farm where he can play with lots of other ducks?

finally, what kind of duck is this, and HOW OLD IS IT?

His peach fuzzed head makes me think hes very very young. hes tiny, clumsy, and doesnt quack yet, only chirps.

Heres a photo.

thank you in advance.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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I can't see the photos.

Fuzz means it's still young, just a few weeks if even that. I would NOT put that duckling back in the pond by itself. It will likely last only an hour or so, certainly not overnight. Fish, birds, and who knows what else is there that just love ducklings for dinner.

Find a farm or someone familiar with ducks to raise it until it can fly. It has a better chance there than in open water unprotected by mama.


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