Playing catch-up with garden....

seramasJuly 21, 2009

Next year the Vacation will start in December so it is not so hard to catch up with all the spring chores. My garden is doing good (Pictures below). Still have problems getting about but with the some help from a neighbors things are getting caught up. Haven't had time to read all the postings I missed.

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Here they are (couldn't remember how to paste pic info)

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sheryl_ontario(Muncho Lake, BC z2)

Wow! Beautiful garden and so neat and tidy! My veggies are growing well, if you can find them in all the grass and weeds. I wouldn't dare show anyone a picture. lol!

Great garden!

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Fabulous garden!! I wish I would have done a bigger one but thought the small one was all I could handle this year with hubby gone. Yours looks great! Lori

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Well, at least you have a garden this year. 1st it rained everyday in spring. Then it was 95+ degrees and baked everything. Lucky for us, one of our retired neighbors has been sharing his tomatoes.

You garden is beautiful.

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