have: trade: barbados cherry (acerola) seeds

tropicalfruittrader(10b)April 28, 2013

My Barbados Cherry tree is fruiting like a madman so I have seeds galore. I am willing to trade for ANY fruit seeds that grow in my area (Zone 10B South Florida).

mall, bright red, berry-sized fruit with a vitamin C content up to 65 times that of an orange. A single fruit contains the minimum daily recommended vitamin C requirements. Fruit resembles the common cherry, with a very tasty sweet flavor having a slight bite of acid.

Description: A bushy shrub up to 20ft. Acerola's often form small multi-trunked trees. Trees without adequate pollination can set seedless fruit. Flowers usually appear after periods of rainfall or irrigation. Flowering may occur any time during the year (depending on local rainfall and climate patterns), and can last year-round. After flower set, fruit soon follows and will ripen in just 3-4 weeks. Fruits lose their flavor and nutritional content very rapidly upon harvest. Ripe acerola's should be picked and eaten within a few hours to preserve taste. As a result, the tree is not cultivated for commercial production of fresh fruits.

There is some confusion regarding the botanical name, with the name M. glabra often used for the acerola. There is a closely related species, the true M. glabra, having smaller fruits and larger leaves. The common acerola, with its larger fruits is generally classified as M. punicifolia.

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i have mango francique seeds or haitians mango

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What type of mango is it? Please email me at dongeorgiosego@hotmail.com so we can discuss particulars.

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mango francique

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