What kind of duckling is this?

onetwonatalieAugust 11, 2009

I found these ducklings crossing the street by themselves. Sadly, they were too little and they weren't eating, so they past away. I tried finding out what kind of ducklings they were, but all I could come up with was Mallards. But to me, they're a bit similar to Mallards but then again they don't look like the pictures of Mallards I've seen. I find that the ducklings that I had, had a little more yellow on them than Mallards. I really want to know what breed they were so I can buy the same kind and raise them because I got so attatched to them. Please help!

Here's a video of my duckling:


And pictures:

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Sometimes a first year hen duck will leave her nest before all have hatch. Many time eggs left behind are close to/or near hatching and will continue to hatch. Then seek their own way without mother to show/protect them where/what to eat-so they end up as easy prey for predators.

They look like ducklings of domestic black Muscovy (close to wild Muscovy of South/Central Americas).?. Their bills are short/wide-usually wild species of North America have long narrow bills for dabbling.

There are so many species of ducks that have that color pattern as ducklings--Too bad they died--would have been interesting to watch a mystery unfold as they developed their adult plumage.

Look about the local parks/areas that have ponds--see if you can find other ducklings that look like them. Good Luck!

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Thanks! Well, I'm guessing that the duckling was probably a wild duckling. I'm just so sorry that it died. /:

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