You Know They Say Watch..

bulldinkie(pa)August 26, 2011

hawks,eagles can get your small dog,are crows a threat we have sooo many,

I know they steal all your fruit, saw them leaving with peaches.

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hawks are always after my chickens

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My livestock guardian dogs don't let them come near, no worries here.

If I'm not mistaken 10lbs is the magic number the largest bird of prey can grab, smaller birds only about 3-5 lbs. You might want to check that 10lb though, It's been a while since I read up on it.

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I saw a crow swoop down and grab a fledgling robin right out from under the nose (beak) of a parent. Didn't even know they did that until then. I've had a murder of crows around my property about a week now, raising cain. When I hear them, I bring my kittens in. Prolly not going to happen, but it makes me nervous.

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