Huge Spaghetti Squash?

schreber_gaertnerJune 13, 2011

Hi, everyone. I planted around 6 kinds of squash this year, and what I thought was the spaghetti squash plant has absolutely taken over--growing 10 times as fast and large as the others. It has at least 15 fruits on dozens of long vines, and the largest fruit makes me wonder if it's truly a spag. It's not even close to ripe yet (still fully green), but it's about the size of a 10-pound watermelon, and still growing. Has anyone ever had spaghetti squash get this big, or did I maybe end up with some kind of hybrid, or a completely different kind of squash? (I'd post a picture, but have tried unsuccessfully before)


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mark_roeder(4B IA)

I never weighed one. I am guessing I have grown them close to 10 lbs. just knowing that my Hubbard squash grow to about 12 lbs., and spaghetti squash are not to much smaller, but yours is still growing.

You live in the land of milk 'n honey. Anything is possible.

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Belgianpup(Wa/Zone 7b)

If you have several spaghetti squash plants and one is entirely out of proportion to the others, it's probably a cross with something else. These crosses don't usually end up being anything you really want.


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Now some of the others are getting almost as big. Here are some pictures. Do you think these are really spaghetti squash?

Below is the huge one. Starting to turn from light green to orange-ish.

Thanks again!

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Wow! I don't know what it is, but they look fabulous!


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Perhaps a spaghetti squash/ pumpkin hybrid (due to orange and accented ridges).
My biggest spaghetti squash are only softball size, but they are smooth and yellow.

Looks good though!

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Mine are oval and about 2-3 pounds, very bright yellowish oarge. The vines are pretty big but not quite as wild as my kabocha. I don't have ridges on mine like yours, which makes me think yours is crossed with something, possibly a zucchini cross? My costata romanesca zucchini is unbelievably huge.

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The mystery is sort of solved. We picked one and cooked it, and it had the consistency of spaghetti squash. Not the color we usually see, and not quite as sweet, but it might have been a little underripe. It was 9 pounds and wasn't even the biggest one! We've got at least 15 of these babies on the one plant! Might have stumbled on a very favorable unexpected cross!

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potterhead2(z5b NY)

My spaghetti squash looks a lot like yours. Very similar color and texture on the outside.

I'm not sure the one you picked and ate was completely ripe, though. It looks a little greenish inside.

Then again, I never eat it right after picking, I always "cure" the ripe fruit at room temperature for a couple of weeks to improve the flavor.

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Well the plant was starting to die off, so I harvested all but one of them and will let them cure for a while. Here they are. The big one in the front was just under 12 pounds!

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Hey there! I too have mutant spaghetti squash on steroids, and mine look exactly like yours. Out of seven plants, six were mutants and one was normal. My guess is some sort of accidental cross. I'm in SoCal too, so maybe we got the same seeds?

I bought Burpee spaghetti squash seeds from the Target in Fontana, California earlier this year. The seeds were part of "Lot 2." Anyway, Burpee carries a guarantee, so you can get a free packet (or a refund) from them if you wanted one (if that's what you bought), but just wanted to mention that you might want to call whatever seed company you bought from (if these were purchased seeds) so they can identify the weird lot.

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That's an interesting way of cooking and eating it. I don't know tons about cooking most squashes, but for Acorn and Butternut, I peel them, cube them, and roast them for 40 minutes at about 425 with olive oil and salt/pepper.

They're really good :)

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mark_roeder(4B IA)

They resemble spaghetti squash, but
appear to be crossed with something else.

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it is a spaghetti squash.
As for size and weight can you beat 14 lbs

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Stuffradio-I too, eat my spaghetti squash by scraping it out of the shell with a fork. It makes strings, sort of like pasta. We like to serve it with marinara "spaghetti" style and use it as a low calorie, healthy pasta substitute. It always reminds me of a mix between a summer and winter squash, not as sweet as most winter squashes, not as bland as most summer squashes. It's one of few squashes my husband likes, although this year's bumper crop of zunchinni and patty pan which are so tasty compared to store bought. We have a lot of spaghetti squash on the one plant, as well, which haven't been harvested yet, and a few kabocha, my personal favorite, which he has never tasted.

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The seed company was Pinetree, which has always been reliable. In fact, this is the second year I used seeds out of the same packet, and the plant last year had normal fruits. Probably just a fluke.

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Your variety is called "Vegetable Spaghetti Squash". I grow the same exact variety. My plants have reached 30 feet long and I've harvested 2 dozen squash so far from 6 plants. Unfortunately they just got hit with squash vine borers, so i'm not sure i will be harvesting many more, even though i have about 2 dozen baby squash on the vines.

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