Best coop design for heavy chickens

sujiwan_gwAugust 3, 2008

I have 14 large chickens (2 mos+ old Buff Orps, Australorp, standard Cochins) that need to have a chicken house built soon. I'd like to be able to move it frequently to range them around our farm property (with adjacent fencing to protect them).

Does anyone have some suggestions for these breeds as to the floor height from the ground, nest box height and number provided, and roost height and construction (slats or round for their grip? How wide for toe grips?) What's a healthy size coop for this many that can still be mobile?

Also, if you know of any online sites with a plan that is good for large breeds, please direct me. I look around online, but often others know of additional websites.

Anyone here have a mobile chicken house on runners or wheels?


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Hi there,

if you check out you should be able to find answers to all your questions. I joined recently because I'm just starting out raising some guineas and chickens, and if you don't see an answer you can post questions and there are lots of people with experience who can help you. Also the people there are so friendly and kind and understanding . I just love the site and visit it everyday. Good luck with your chicks.

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