Let mom be mom?

mailman22(6)August 7, 2008

Ok, my hens have hatched out 9 of 11 guinea eggs I placed under them. One of the moms have come down from the nest boxes. The other 3 are still up and have been for 3 days. I am concerned that the keets will not get water in time. I have been placing food in the boxes. Should I take the keets out and place them on floor of coop or just let the moms do what they are doing? I am concerned that there will be confusion if I do this and the safety of the keets will be in jeopardy. What do you think?

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Heres a pic of one of the moms. She has 4 under her.

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If they still have unhatched eggs after 3 days of the others hatching they most likely won't hatch. And the hen will sit the nest until the unhatchable eggs are taken from her.

How many hens do you have sitting?

Guinea keets are a bit fragile for hens to be fighing over. I'd divide the hatchlings and seperate the hens and take them off the nest. Three days of hatching is getting close to time they need to eat and drink...

They may be sticking to the nest in defense of loosing their family to another hen who wants them all. Give them all a safe, seperate place to raise them and they'll get on with growing their family.....

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