Help with Nesting Boxes

gardengal19August 16, 2011

Hi everyone!

DH is getting ready to install the nesting boxes on the interior wall of the coop/shed. The wall itself is 2x4 supports with wire in-between and has a 36" wire door for access. There are 4 nesting boxes which will fit into that wall - 2 on top and 2 just below that. The hens will enter the box through an oval opening on the coop side. The other side (the back wall of the nesting box) will be liftable so you can gather the eggs without having to go into the coop.

My question is - how high up off the floor should the lower boxes be? 15", 18", 20" ?? The boxes are 14 x14 x12.

The boxes will have leg supports at the front and a roost step in front of each opening. Actually, there will be 2 roost steps - one for the upper level and one for the lower level.

Another question - how many inches away and lower should the roost step

be from the oval opening?

The hens should start laying in the next week or two. I'm starting to get frantic because the boxes are not up yet and I don't want them to lay eggs all over the floor. HELP!!

I hope I explained the situation well enough and I hope anyone who reads this can offer some advice.

Thank You All,


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My nest boxes are about3' off floor with a board they stand right in front to go in box.make sure you have a place to roost.

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bulldinkie - Thanks for the info about your nesting boxes.

DH ended up putting the lower boxes at 20" up off the floor. The other 2 sit right above that. He did it just in time too. Two days later a RIR hen laid her 1st egg in one of the lower boxes. The next day a New Hampshire Red laid her 1st egg in one of the upper boxes. Today, there were 2 more eggs in the lower boxes. I hope 4 nesting boxes are enough for 11 hens. What do you think? Should I have another nesting box?


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They all lay eggs at different times and they roost at night so I think it will.I bought a nest box 4 top 4 bottom ,I have bout 9 chickens,my husband is building me of the new little chickenhouse you can move easy.

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