Too few flowers on tomato plants

kroundedJune 18, 2011

My tomatoes do not seem to be getting enough flowers. They are in the same location as last year and I got lots of fruit. I had blossom rot early last year, so this year I fertilized with 7-4-5 Happy Frog fertilizer. I pinch off a few leaves that look bad every so often. Last year I planted all Roma. This year I have Roma, Whoppers, Season Start and Chocolate Cherry. All seem to not have enough flowers. I'm in Chicago. My peppers seem to be doing fine. We've had crazy rain and temperature swings this year.

Should I trim away more leaves? Does anyone have a suggestion?

Thanks in advance - Krounded.

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We've had crazy rain and temperature swings this year.

thats the problem and you dont need to trim the leaves. patience grasshopper.

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I'm in the Chicago area and my tomatoes are much behind where they were last year. Last year we had a warm May and tons of rain in a warming June. This year May was much colder and June has been all over the place.

So, basically I'm repeating the previous poster...

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Thanks folks.......I'll be patient, but I don't want grasshoppers :-) This is suppose to be the 17 year cicada year. Haven't seen any yet but they better leave my crop alone!

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I'm in zone 6 and I'm just now getting tiny, tiny tomatoes.

Maybe I'm crazy, but I prefer it when my tomato plants grow slow and bloom a little later. Maybe it's just my way of thinking the plant is spending a little more time preparing itself for the growing season.

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dan_staley(5b/SS 2b AHS 6-7)

The news everywhere has been that the season is late this year. It behooves us to watch the weather, as our gardens are out in it.

Second, crop rotation is important. Especially with tomatoes.


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