ducks are dying

true_blue(z6MO)August 9, 2011

Got a bunch of ducklings in June - a mix of ducks and Muskovies - and they all did fine as ducklings growing up. While I had them penned up while they were little, I fed them a mix of 24% protein pellet and rolled barley with some brewers yeast mixed in and they seemed to thrive on it. They've been out and about now - out of their cage - and in the pond, orchard, and generally all over the backyard area for about a month. Now, all of a sudden, we've been loosing about a duck a day. First they get wobbly on their feet and can't keep up with the others.

I had been told that the reason ducks get this is because they don't get enough B vitamins, which they need much more of than other poultry. That's why they were getting the brewers yeast in their food when young. So when they would get wobbly, we'd bring them into the cage and feed them with brewers yeast 'spiked' food. Yesterday's duck died within an hour of being fed, and it wasn't as bad off as some of the others! I just don't get it! Anyone have any ideas?

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Is there wet moldy food laying around could be botulism.also maybe too much protein it causes ligament problems in thier legs.

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