help with malformed chick

claraserena(4)August 1, 2008

We have two broodies, a Buff Orphington and a Milles Fleur bantam, co-setting on eggs that are starting to hatch. The first and so far only chick hatched 24 hours ago. I found it next to the buff and slipped it under her. Last night it was under the bantam and this morning next to the bantam. This chickÂs legs are kind of curled. I put it back under the Buff for warmth. And when I just checked Âit has a gash on the side of its head. I have brought it inÂright now IÂm holding it to keep it warm while I set up

(with the other hand) a brooder. I has taken some sugar water. Ill have pedialyte in a few hours. ItÂs cheeping loudly. I just set it in the brooder and its right leg is sticking out behind it and its right wing is out. Is there any chance that I can do something to help this chick survive? Please help.

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It could be splay leg. You can make hobbles out of pipe cleaners or tape or small bandaids. This link has a picture of a hobbled chick.
I'm wondering about the gash on the side of it's head. It sounds like one of the hens could have done it. Is their anyway you can pull the banty hen from the nest and just let the cochin handle the hatch?
More eggs should be hatching today. Keep an eye on the hens to be sure that they aren't pecking the babies.
Good Luck!

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I have a hooble (made from Velvet Sparrow's website--thank you Velvet!)ready to put on--just waiting for my husband to get back from town as I don't see how I can do with two hands.
I am sure one of the hens is responsible for the gash. The fact that I found it out next to not under the hens twice (different hens) makes me think they rejected it.
This is the first time we have had a deformed chick hatch out and the first time we've had hens co-sitting.

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