Is rooster sick??

whtghostAugust 26, 2008

Hi. I have a rooster who is not acting right. I have had him for years and not sure how old he is because he jumped in to my yard oneday. I have 2 hens as well with him that also jumped into my yard oneday and they were all adopted. I just lost a hen about 2 weeks ago and not sure why she passed. They have their own pen that we built. But my question is yesterday when I went to go feed them the rooster was in the coop where the hens usually lay the eggs just sitting there. He is not a very nice rooster as he will attack you if your not careful but I know how to handle him. But a while after I left from out there and my husband came home we went back out there and he was walking around again and crowing. And this morning I went to check on him and he was back in the coop laying down and after a few mins he got back up and was crowing. Can anyone tell me what is going on with him? Is he sick? I can't afford to take him to a vet and besides he is to mean to even begin to think you would move him :O). I wish I could help if he is sick but money is tight and I just need some advise on what you might think could be wrong with him? Please any help would be great cause I really am fond of him even if he is so mean :O). Thank you.

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nhsuzanne(z5 SW-NH)

I can only share my rooster experience after I lost a hen. For several evenings after she passed he would not go into the coop with the other hens at roosting time! (they free range in the afternoons) I would have to go out and chase him around to go in and sometimes it took more than a few minutes. He started sleeping in a nesting box after that. Now, he doesn't hesitate to go into the coop to roost but he still sleeps in a nesting box! I have concluded that he was missing a hen and was waiting for her. Perhaps that is what is going on with your roo. If he's eating and drinking I wouldn't be too worried. He will snap out of it.

The longer I own chickens the more amazed I am at just how sensitive these birds are!

Good luck and keep us posted.

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It's true birds can be incredibly sensitive creatures. Roosters can be big jerks though too. I wouldn't keep one that was mean like that. We've got a neighbor girl who babysits for us that was attacked by a mean roo when she was younger. Has had several plastic surgeries because of it and still her face muscles can't be controlled. Sad. I think of her and my own kids when I get the little twinge of sadness on butchering day.

I know I am not being sensitive now by saying get rid of him. I'm sorry he's not doing well. Hopefully he'll pull out of it. I'm sorry I can't be of more help.

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Wow Thomas that is aweful about that little girl. I am so sorry to hear about that. But he is mean I know but I know how to control him but thats why others dont go into the pen with me cause he will come at you as he has me and I have the scar to prove it also. I also think where ever he came from maybe they had him fighting or something cause when he first was here he chased me around the Well I think he is sick cause I fed them and well he pecked a tad but didn't act like he wanted to eat and when he pooped it wasn't much there. He is walking around but he seems to have hardly any energy cause normaly he would come at you when you come near the fence. Well maybe he is just old I dont know. If anyone has any tips I am all ears :O). Thanks a lot. Also do the hens do better when they have a rooster? Cause if he passes I wondered if i should get another rooster to replace him and not one thats mean :O). I don't want them to be looking for him and them get sick from missing him or something. I know they have to look for that missing partner. Well thanks again all. Have a great day.

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I wouldn't worry about getting another rooster. Mine really don't do much of anything except terrorize the hens, wake me up altogether too early, and eat, eat, eat. They don't warn of approaching hawk or anything else. All they are really interested in is taking care of getting a ride on the back of a hen.

Many people believe that the hens don't lay as much without a rooster, but I don't believe it. They should lay just the same if light, food, water, and shelter are equal. And no. Your hens won't be distraught without the rooster. Several species of birds get depressed with the loss of a mate, but chickens aren't one of them. Geese on the other hand . . .

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