WANTED: Newbie Information About What Everything Means :)

Young.Gardener123(7b NC)April 12, 2014

Hi, I am new to GW, and I was wondering what a lot of the acronyms meant and how to do everything with seed trading. For example, what are SASE and SASBE, and how do you do them? I know they have something to so with bubble-wrapped envelopes and postage, but it would be absolutely AMAZING if someone could really explain it and everything else to me.

-Young.Gardener123 :3

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kilngod z6b(Zone 6b)

:) link here below.

Here is a link that might be useful: SASBE

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Young.Gardener123(7b NC)

Thanks! :D
I know this might sound dumb, but what do you mean by STAMPED bubble envelope? Sorry, I just haven't really sent that much mail before, maybe just a few letters when I was in elementary school to pen pals. Also, are you the person who started the Adopt-A-Newbie list? :)

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kilngod z6b(Zone 6b)

Yes, I am. :)

You send both a bubble envie and stamps/postage to cover sending it back (with seeds inside).

An old school sase was a folded envie with stamps on it, all put inside another envie that delivered the whole kit-n-kabbodle. Often used for promotional offers, things that required a reply, etc. Kinda like a 'return label' from an online store.

Bubble envies can be reused a gazillion times. So, for an sasbe, you can just have a single bubble envie, and put additional stamps inside. Just like the shipping box with a return label.


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Young.Gardener123(7b NC)

Ohhhhhh, that makes so much more sense! I was reading a couple of other posts about it, which were so much more confusing, and I got kind of overwhelmed. Just wondering, what would be the right amount of stamps to put in the envie for the way back?


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xiangirl zone 4/5 Nebraska(5)

That's the hardest question--how many stamps. Depending on how much time you have, you might fill your return envelope with seeds and take it to the post office, have them weigh it and see what it would cost you. After you do this a few times you'll get an idea. Keep your mail man/woman as your best friend! It all depends on size and weight. Bubble envelopes make sure the seeds aren't crushed, but they do cost more. It's still much better than buying all the seeds at full price and you get so much more variety. Good luck!

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Young.Gardener123(7b NC)

Do you know around how many stamps you would need for every five packets? For example, would 5 packs of seeds be about 2 stamps? And then ten would be around four stamps and so on? Sorry, I'm just curious. :)

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xiangirl zone 4/5 Nebraska(5)

A small bubble envelope is $2. With a bubble envelope you can stuff it as full as you want. You can mix in big sunflower seeds and tiny snapdragon seeds (in separate packages, of course). Seeds are light enough it won't change according to weight.
If you send seeds in a regular envelope (not bubble) make sure there's a little padding (like meat tray cut up into squares) and make sure the envelope isn't more than 1/4" thick. If you can keep it under 1/4" you can get away with one 1st class stamp. Place the seeds in the center of the card and tape it there. Less chance of rollers in the automated mail crushing the seeds.
You can add 20 cents to your first class envelope if you want them hand-stamped. My post office wants me to bring them in to be hand stamped, not dropped in the box. They say they can't be sure they won't get sorted through the machines unless I bring them in. (Every USPS post office has their own little set of rules that don't match anybody else's. That's on a different thread and requires many of us to go to counseling. lol)
So...if you're sending really small seeds like snapdragon, dianthus or foxglove you can slip it into a regular envelope. If there is a chance they'll get crushed take the extra precaution. Postage is one reason many people prefer to do larger trades. A first class stamp is about 46 cents. A small bubble envelope is $1,90. I can load that up with seeds, maybe 20 or 30 packages depending on what kinds.
So if I didn't bore you to death...the final answer is...it all depends. ha

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Young.Gardener123(7b NC)

Thanks! That clears so much up! :)

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