whats wrong with my red/yellow bell peppers

mike72903June 10, 2012

First time planting red/yellow bell peppers and only my second year growing any veggies. The plants have lots of fruit (some huge). They are just starting to turn their appropriate colors but the fruit develops a brown spot on the side which spreads, eventually covering a complete side of the pepper. This happens also when the fruit is still green. At that point I remove it and add it to the compost heap. I water frequently. They are in raised beds and I fertilize every few weeks. Daytime temps are in the low 90's now with nighttime temps in the 70's. I looked through a few pages before posting the question but could find nothing. Thanks.

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jean001a(Portland OR 7b)

Perhaps sunburn?

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Sounds like sunscald.

They need some shade.

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Yes I would say the same. Often early peppers get it and as the plant size increases it better shades the fruit and they are less prone.

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Thanks so much. I have some shadee cloth I'll use to shade them.

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