To much to do not enough time

laturcotte1August 17, 2009

We live deep in the woods and for the past few days it has been quite hot and this morning was no different. When I got up I dressed in my pants, shoes and decided not to put my top on, like I said it was pretty hot. Fed the 5 dogs, gave out all their meds, washed all the dishes, let them all out to do their duty, opened windows, turned on fans all in my bra. Grabbed my bag, coffee and shirt and out the door I went. Dropped all my stuff off in the truck and opened the geese, fed the goats, opened the chickens coop, opened the other coop, fed the horse, even sprayed her down with fly spray, put her mask on turned the fan on and cleaned up her yard of poop. Walked back to my truck got in, rolled down the windows, fastened my seat belt and off to work I went all by 5:30am. About 7 minutes into my drive the seatbelt became uncomfortable and only when I went to adjust it did I realize I FORGOT TO PUT MY TOP ON. Luckily the drive to work takes about 45 minutes and not 10 there would have been some wide eyes in that parking lot.

If you ask yourself "Do I have to much to do and not enough time to do it?" yes you do. I pulled over and quietly slipped my top on and away I went.

Hope your day is better than mine!

Lee Ann

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johanna_h(Z5 SW MI)

Lee Ann! Thanks for the good laugh, and the warning. Just yesterday when it was about 90 and humid I thought to myself "no one would see me going to the barn and back if I was just in my bra" but I'm still urban enough not to do it. Now I realize I'm also forgetful enough that it might be a bad idea.

I'll laugh about this for a while, hope you're still laughing, too!


Here is a link that might be useful: My place: Busy Solitude Farm

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Oh, Lee Ann, at least you had on your bra!
When we lived in town our neighbor's dog got out, and she (the neighbor) was sticking her head out the window screaming, "Get my dog, I don't have on my bra!" I really don't think the dog would have cared . . . .

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kydaylilylady(z6 KY)

There's a couple that live on the river, a mile off the one lane. One of the neighbors rented their tobacco many years ago and pulled into the bottom to check on it. There was the woman out in the garden, sans shirt and bra, busily hoeing out the beans. She wandered over to the truck, had a conversation with the old man and then went back out to the garden to finish what she was doing. All the neighbors were ribbing the older gentleman about the incident and he admitted that he had a pretty hard time keeping his wits about him to finish that conversation. Said he checked the tobacco in record time that day!

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Thanks for a good laugh. This happened to my best friend. She was working out in her yard in her small town, got hot and took off her t-shirt. A neighbor man stopped by to talk and she was happily chatting away, after he left she suddenly looked down and here she wasn't wearing the sports bra she thought she was! It was a little white sheer thing! Oh, my. At least she's like an A cup or something like that. ha.

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This is so funny. I know it would be easy to do. Many a time I have walked out the door to go shopping only to discover I'm wearing my fluffy house shoes.

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