We achieved eggs!

marlingardenerAugust 15, 2008

My black Australorps are beginning to lay eggs! Finally! We have two little brown eggs--I am thinking of having them bronzed. I broke out the champagne and cooked rice for the flock. Since I am not sure which hen laid the egg, or eggs, I treated them all to a celebration party. They sure looked cute with their little party hats and noise makers. No eggs this morning, perhaps due to hangovers. Life on the farm is so good . . . .

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Lol! Isn't it exciting to get your first eggs? Good for you and the hen!
How did they blow the noise makers without lips?

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Mine have started laying too. I have a friend that calls them 'portion control' size cause the eggs are still so small. We have 6 chickens and I am getting about 4 eggs a day.

The chickens eat well and are extreamly spoiled in that manner. But the dog has lost weight since she doesn't get all of the leftovers now, she wouldn't eat salad anyways.

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Yay!! I'm happy for you and your girls. My girls are laying pretty steady now too. Not all of them but I'm getting 5-9 per day. One of my Americaunas has started and hope the eggs get a little more tinted. You can see the green hue but still very chalking and drab looking, LOL. I am excited each day to look and see how many and what colors, etc. Lori

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