question on missing egg/chick and broodies

claraserena(4)August 5, 2008

We have 3 broodies, 2 ( one a bantam) are co-parenting 6 chicks, 1-3 days old. The other broody is in the coop, due in 5 days. The co-parents are starting to get up and off the remaining eggs; this morning one egg was peeping loudly, then started to pip out but the eggs were being left a lot, so I put that egg under the broody in the coop, planning to check on it and put it under the co-parents tonight. I checked and hour later and the egg is gone, no chick. All I can think is that it hatched and one of the other chickens got to it.. I donÂt have an incubator but wish now that I had tried to rig something up. I feel just terrible; IÂm still shaken from having to euthanize a 4 day old very sweet, very deformed chick yesterday.

There are still a couple of eggs under the co-parents and for the most part they are sitting. If I hear pipping, should I just leave it, try the broody in the coop. or try to help it myself? IÂd appreciate any advice.

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One of my broodies last hatches needed help. I think it was due to the heat that the shells were dried out and some of the chicks had a problem getting out.
Once they pipped I very carefully pulled small pieces of shell away from their heads so they could get their heads out of the shell. You need to be careful and stop when you see blood. Check the eggs often and help them pull back some of the inside membrane if it is dried out.
I would leave them with the broodies and keep an eye on them and help them some.
Good Luck!

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