Question re horses grazing our pasture

ritzbitz78August 28, 2013

We just purchased some beautiful property with 18.6 acres (50% open pasture, 50% wooded) our neighbors asked if they could keep their 3 horses on our land. We said sure. The neighbors then bush hogged about 5 -6 acres and made sure the barb wire fence was intact around the perimeter. The horses have been on our property for a month now. Our other neighbor said that it wasn't a good idea to have the horses on the land because they would destroy the pasture area and we should at least limit the amount of time the horses are on our property. We have no clue about horses or pasture. Please advise on what we should do.

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gator_rider2(z8 Ga.)

I been around a lot horses never saw pasture destroyed by any some was over stock with horses horse need more feed than just green grass. There probably hinden reason say that..

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That's why you rotate pastures so they aren't ruined.Weve had 3 for over 20 years we have no problem.You should mow some to keep weed seeds from forming.

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Thank you gator_rider2. I think The two neighbors I am talking about don't get along too well. And they are feeding their horses more than just green grass. That may be a hidden reason. And thank you bulldinkie. The neighbor with the horses will gladly mow the pasture for us. I just want to make sure I am educated on when to rotate off our land, for how long, and when to mow it down.

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cherig22(MO 6a/6b)

I have three horses and a mini donkey on 10 acres. They eat grass but not weeds, so we mow it every once in while. Never had any problems!


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Having the horses on there will actually help your pasture as long as it is not overgrazed. With just three horses on there you should have plenty of grass for them. Are they running them on just the 5-6 acres or do they let them on the remaining land as well. I had a neighbor run cattle on my place to keep the pastures knocked down. The pastures were in a lot better shape when the cattle were on there.

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