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melody11820August 25, 2009

My neighbor recently adopted a pet rooster from a friend of hers who moved away and wasn't able to take him. However, she never takes him out of his coop, and he crows all day out of bordom i'm sure... I don't mind his crowing, but i feel horrible that he's spent the last month in his small coop ( about 2 feet by 3 feet). I've been considering asking her if i could have him- but i need to know how to care for him. We live in a neighborhood where the houses are fairly close to one another, and through a small patch of trees at the back of my backyard is a road that is somewhat busy... I have no fence. Is is safe to let him roam my yard, or will he wander away? I just want him to be a happy bird- and my poor neighbor has no clue that he's even bothered by being kept so confined.

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Your concern for the rooster is good of you. Your unfenced yard would not be safe for the bird--in addition to the possible traffic hazard, predators in the shape of neighborhood cats and dogs would endanger him.
It sounds like your neighbor took the rooster as a favor to a friend, not because she wanted him. May I suggest that you find someone who has a small flock of chickens and see if your neighbor would farm out the bird (yes, that was a pun and I'm sorry). Chickens are flock animals, and the rooster is probably lonely as well as bored. He could be introduced to an existing flock if there is no other rooster. Anyone who has kept chickens would know the procedure and would likely welcome a healthy rooster.
If you don't know where to look for a new home for Chanticleer, try asking at a feed store or call your local agricultural agent. Good luck!

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