how to raise hogs

trisha_51(5 Nebraska)August 24, 2013

We'd like to add a hog to our farm next spring. What do we need to do that? Shelter we know, but what else do we need to know about? And should we get two or will one be ok? We're also wanting to add a calf to our farm. Those I'm a little more familiar with since we had a small herd when I grew up here, but we didn't have hogs. The purpose for these animals is to have our own meat. Thanks!

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PIGS CAN BE DANGEROUS! They are right up there with dairy bulls for number of handlers injured. They have fangs a doberman would envy, and amazing speed and agility for a large animal - they can outrun a human in a short sprint.

Do not mistake them for "Babe" or any other swine portrayed by the media.

Pigs are herd animals and will be less stressed if there is a small herd (2 or 3). Neutered males (whatever you call them) are easier to handle than boars or sows.

Check with your local agriculture department to see what diseases are prevalent, what health problems to avoid.

Make sure you know how you plan to slaughter them and how to butcher it for best meat.

Google will be your friend. there are videos and websites about raising pigs for food.

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