Baby duck with labored breathing

lacrystol69August 30, 2007

I got a baby duck and I noticed it was breathing kind of funny. I decided to take on the challenge and care for it. I have it in a glass lizard cage container with a heating light (85 degree temp)with a stuffed bear, starter chicken feed and water. Sometimes he has to breath by opening and closing his mouth (this is done when he is scared or excited) when his is calmed down his breathing is still rough but he manages to breath without opening and closing his mouth just his tail and body seems to move opposite direction from his chest. I listened closely to his chest and I can hear a little bit of weezing. Quite frequently he will peep and it's usually accompanied by two peeps with a head shaking. Everything else seem normal except his eat habbits, I have to take the starter feed, put it in a plastic bag and I roll it with a roller to turn it into a powder/grain kind of size. Then he eats pretty good just very small amounts but several times during the day (my husband is home during the day to keep an eye on him). I give him a warm bath once a day when I get home from work. He does go to the restroom (where ever he wants usually during bath time) he's poop is half green and half white... No diarea. I read about Aspergillosis and I'm wondering if this is the problem, would he still be alive after two days and what can I do? I know it can't be Botulism because I read that he would be dead in 24 to 48 hrs. So then I read about Pneumonia. I know for pneumonia on human's, I have to get the breathing machine and use it. Could I do this for him?? He's only about a week old going on his 2nd week. Oh he can't eat things like grass or lettuce because he is not able to chew or crunch these things up. Yesterday I notice, when we went outside to get our exercise, a little bug fell into his water bowl, he grabbed it but wasn't able to consume it. He just shook his head and it flew out...He's kept quiet most of the time, but when he is outside, he only walks around for about 5 mins then he stays in one spot and sometimes falls asleep that's when we come in and off to his glass container with his heating light he goes... Any advice would be greatly appreciated.......

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Since I didn't get any responses about my baby duck, I called the vet up and she said this was pretty normal for a duck that they are pretty hardy pets. Well she was wrong, I went to check on my duck Saturday, Sept 1st and she or he was dead. My poor ducky :(....

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