Duck deterrent?

DISSmith(z8b SC)August 20, 2006

I wasn't sure where to post this but thought I'd take a chance that someone has had a similar experience. I live 100 yds from a pond where there are many Muscovy ducks. They wander through the neighborhood and have recently taken to eating plants. Is there anything harmless that might discourage them? They're nibbling several different types of plants, doing quite a bit of damage.

IF anyone has a suggestion, it would be appreciated!



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I have Muscovy ducks and thye bite and chew all over our plants. We've tried to discourage them and shoo them away when they do it, but nothing helps. They just keep soming back and they actualy killed one of the plants a few months ago. They've got to where they aren't as interested in the plants like they use to be, but they still peck them every now and then.
I don't know of anything you could do to stop them. Maybe someone else around here will give you some ebtter advice that I.


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Miss_Kitty(6a KY)

There isn't much that deters them when they are hungry. You can chase them off fairly easily, with a broom. Some will learn not to return to a place that shoo's them off. You have to be consistant about getting after them.

There are crops like clover that you can bait them with. To keep them out of the yard, make sure that you don't leave grain, bird seed or food scraps where they cana get to them.

Once you feed a 'Scovie they will come back looking for more. They are huge eaters. (One person told me: They eat more than my pigs!)

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I am a HSC student in Australia currently suffering the same problem. I live on a farm and put up with the ducks daily dips in my pool at early hours of the morning and evenings, and even when we are not home. i am currently studying Design and Technology at High school and have decided to construct a scare sculpture that will deter ducks, i would love it if you people could fill out one of my surveys for my project. I will let you know how my duck experiments go and how my final design gos'.
If you have any ideas or any more stories please send them to me cause they are great help.

Regards Imogen

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You can send them to me. I would love some ducks, But not until I dig my pond, ok?

I didn't know they ate that much greenery. When I do have ducks I'll have to fence off the veggie gardens. Might do that anyway. Good to know! I thought ducks were good in vegetable gardens and just ate the bugs. Another myth busted.

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Ducks can fly too!They are about the messiest bird going.My daughter had a lot of muscovys and they are wonderful mothers(where ducks in a row came from,I'm sure)Soon she had a zillion and got rid of all but one or two(probably one because I haven't seen any babies lately)Her patio always had duck messes on it even right after they hosed it off.I would not recommend having ducks except in a pen with their wings clipped.I was silly enough to raise baby ducks not once but twice in my kitchen!They are so messy!They throw water all over with their beaks.But they are so cute too.Posy Pet

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ahbee01(z5 OH)

You can try roping off with the foil type flags car dealers use, that blow in the wind. If you plant a hedge type planting around where you don't want them to go, when searching for food they are ground walkers and don't like where they can't see predators hide in tall grasses and that kind of thinking. I have also heard someone planting tall grasses with a rope fence at 6in and at a foot high, makes them seem fenced in i guess!!!!

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