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nan_e_fanAugust 17, 2014

Someone out there must know something more than I'm finding on the web. I have a six week old Cayuga male that has developed angel wing. He is with the same age buff, who is normal. I know all about too much protein and maybe a genetic component. What I need to know is: is there something I can do for him besides changing the feed? I am NOT going to tape his wings down, he's nervous enough around people without making him worse by abusing him in that manner. Can anyone tell me how bad this is going to get? It looks awful now. I hate to think it's going to get worse than this. Any new solutions to this problem under the sun? Thanks.

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saffron_parasol(4a WI)

I'm sorry you're having this problem! Yes, it will get worse, as the feathers grow larger, the weight will pull the wing downward until it may drag on the ground. It will be twisted as well. It's mainly an aesthetic issue for us, generally does not harm the bird. Cutting back on protein will not fix it, as the twisting has begun. The muscle that would ordinarily hold the wing in it's proper place is weakened enough so that the only way to fix it is to support it, as in the taping you do not wish to do. As far as being abusive, the procedure is no more abusive than putting a cast on a broken leg. I have a 1yr old African gander that had the same problem at about the same age. I taped it and am thankful that I did. He was somewhat timid before the procedure, and a bit more afterward, but now he's very friendly and "pettable", they do "get over it". It took only about 1 week to do the trick, and I removed the bandage. The longer you wait, the less likely it will work, because that muscle gets too weak. I did not, however, wrap the tape entirely around his body to hold the wings down as some instructions show to do, that caused him to flail about, but only properly taping only the afflicted wing was no problem for him. The choice is yours, tape it or just get used to the twisted wing. People do their own thing with this. Like i said, It generally does not harm the bird, however if it were a wild bird, it would be fatal, as the bird would not be able to fly. I don't know if you saw this video, but this vet uses a dead chicken wing to show the procedure and to explain how angelwing works. Copy and paste the link to your ADDRESS bar, not SEARCH bar, and it will go straight to download it to view it. You will need Windows Media Player. This is the procedure I used. Good luck in either choice you make!

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