Chicken lice or not?

AshtonRaeAugust 28, 2011

Im house sitting for my grandparents for the weekend and they have 9 chickens and 2 ducks out in a chicken house. They are normally freerange chickens but are not let out everyday.

I went in the past couple of days to change their water and these little gray bugs are swarming the walls and under where there water bucket is set at.

I read to pick up a chicken and check it but they wont let me near them.

My grandparents dont seem to concerned but its really grossing me out.

If they are lice then how can I kill them without harsh chemicals?

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Could be lice, but it doesn't sound like it.

Check one of the chickens, chances are if one is infected they all are.

Seven dust works great for lice.

As far as natural remedies I don't know, garlic maybe, vinegar spray, I think an oil base works good too(smothers them), but definately change all their bedding and nest boxes. If you are only watching them temporarily I doubt you will see the results-not enough time.

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