need instructions for newborn chick

hollymotoAugust 29, 2008

Hi all: I have been searching trying to find a place to get some help with my small flock of chickens. Actually,it appears to becoming a large flock as babies keep appearing. Which brings me to a question: I have a late hatchling. The mum has 5 chicks already and then this one appeared last night or early this a.m. However,mom is not paying any attention to it as she is busy with the others. This poor one can't seem to stand or walk. It appears healthy and relatively strong. She flaps her little wings and is quite vocal. But,she eventually runs out of steam and has to rest. I finally took her out and plaaced her on a heating pad.(mom walked on her) I have tried to feed her but although she opens her beak slightly not much seems to go in or she pulls away. Is there anyone out there who can help me? Have any of you raised a lone chick? How long can it go with no water or food? Why can't it stand on it's little legs? I even tried to hold up it's bum to try and show her what to do but,then her face falls onto the towel. I tried to balance her from both sides but,all to no avail. I need your advice/experiences.

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Hi; I have placed the non-walking chick with the mother. She is tolerating it but I keep watch as she doesn't appear to help the chick when she moves or feeds the other little ones.I am worried the baby will be to cold and is getting weaker from lack of water or food.

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A chick gets everything they need for the first three days of its life from the yolk of the egg. Just watch to make sure it makes it under the hen at night and leave it alone for two days. Then see if its eating and drinking.

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I have never seen a hen 'feed' a chick. They're on their own. I have concerns that this one isn't walking. They can usually pretty much get around as soon as they hatch out. I'd not have this chick in the population, but in a box with a waterer under a lamp. Dip its beak once or twice into the water to 'introduce' it and put some chick feed or fine laying mash on the floor of the box, and see if it starts to feed. As the last poster says, they can live off the yolk sac for several days.

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