nesting box question

dirtgirldiana1(5)August 11, 2009

I have 8 nesting boxes that are 12x12, for 24 hens. They're about 5 months old.

I've put straw in the boxes. When I check their boxes the straw is almost gone. Somehow they're throwing it out of the box and on the floor. They still lay in the boxes but I have found a couple eggs on the floor. Are my boxes to small?

I have a variety of hens. Barred plymouth rocks, Buff opringtons, delawares, arcannas and RR's.

Is this size okay?

Thanks everyone,


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johanna_h(Z5 SW MI)

Are the boxes just open on the side? My hens' boxes are 12 x 12, and I put a strip of 2 or 3 inch wide trim wood across the fronts of my boxes just 1/2 inch up from the bottom edge (for easier cleaning). The eggs and straw stay the box when the hens fluff it up.


Here is a link that might be useful: My place: Busy Solitude Farm

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Johanna....Thank you so much. If I'm not mistaken my DH put a piece of wood across the front of the boxes but I'm think'n they're only about an inch wide.

Thanks Bunchs...

On my way out to do some measuring!!!


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Hens are notorious for redecorating their nest boxes. Mine have tossed out shavings, hay, grass clippings and are now considering what to do with sawdust! A retaining bar at the front of the box will slow them down, but not completely discourage them. Don't worry about it--just replenish the bedding material every once in a while.
At five months your hens are just starting to lay, aren't they? They have to get the idea of nest boxes, which they will on their own. Meanwhile, watch where you step because they will lay eggs wherever the urge takes them. I found eggs in the strangest places until my girls decided nest boxes were nice. Enjoy your hens--they can be funny and frustrating, but mostly funny!

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