What in the world is that noise...

laturcotte1August 26, 2009

Fletcher the rooster makes this awful noise. It resembles the sound one of those old horns make, the one that has the rubber ball you squeeze and makes a honking sound. When up close you can hear him make the cluck, cluck, honk sound but the clucks are faint the honk can be heard for about 300 yards, clearly. He can keep it up for up to 10 minutes!

Not sure why he does this, I thought it was a warning of some sort but when I check I can't find anything. When he is in the goats pen and honks the goats run up the hill with their tails high in the air as if on alert. The young hens run away as fast as they can. I've also noticed the geese take notice. This is not new and was wondering if anyone know why he does this.

Lee Ann

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njdjs(6 OK)

Lee Ann, Did you look in the sky? My geese and rooster go crazy when there is a hawk or eagle close by. I understand why since the hawks and eagles have killed some of my critters. The smart ones are still alive, the ones that look up.

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Yeah when the hawks, crows, airplanes fly overhead my geese stand perfectly still, heads tilted sideways and don't make a sound until it passes. Of course my geese are afraid of the flies in their grain but not a 6ft 250 man, go figure.

There is never anything in the sky when the rooster goes off nothing lerking in the goats pen. Believe me I go running when I hear him, it means something and I figure the one time I don't check something bad will happen.

I can't believe no one elses rooster does this, wow. I looked it up on google but can't find anything.

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