Pigs clearing the garden?

gardengalrn(5KS)August 10, 2011

Our garden wasn't a total bust this year but conditions were harsh and I was lazy. We have too many weeds that got out of control (in my defense, it was just tooooo hot to deal with them) and tons of bugs. I went out and got what I wanted this evening and hubby is planning to rig the fencing so the pigs can clean it up for us.

My question is, will the tomato plants hurt them? I might have 16-20 out there. The chickens have helped themselves to a lot of the tomotoes but I was worried about the plants themselves being poisonous to the livestock, them being in the nightshade family. It wouldn't be terrible to rip those out ourselves but oh-so-much easier if the pigs could do it, LOL. Thanks, Lori

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Unless the pigs have been deprived of food and are desperate, it's unlikely they will eat the tomato vines or anything else harmful. Pigs are pretty much people, in terms of what they can eat. That doesn't mean they will drop dead if they nibble on some tomato leaves, any more than you would drop dead from it. I mean, they're poisonous to goats, too, but goats can handle them if they're not the only food offered. They will eat all the ripe tomatoes they can find but probably won't eat the stuff you'd like to get rid of.

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