rhode island reds

trisha_51(5 Nebraska)August 24, 2013

Our chicks are 19 1/2 weeks; waiting for eggs any day now. :) Except that we have 34 pullets! Have to find a market for some eggs! Butchered one of the roosters last weekend, but he seemed on the thin side. Guess we'll wait a while longer on the others. When did your rhode islands start laying?

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bigamie(z5 IL)

Mine is 20 weeks and I think she is getting ready. Her wattles are turning bright red. I think I would wait awhile to butcher also. She seems smaller than the other breeds even though she was a big fatty chic. Aren't they so fun I just love my hens. Very glad I don't plan on eating any of them. Whew

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cherig22(MO 6a/6b)

In my experience, my hens don't start til at least 6 months, most a little older than that. heritage breeds take longer than those bred to lay for the big egg farms. Love my Reds, they are great layers once they start!


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