Bronze turkey egg laying

hall_farmsAugust 9, 2008

I have a pair of standard bronze turkeys. They are 7 months old and have recently started breeding. At what point will my hen start to lay eggs, what things can I look for that may indicate she is ready, and what type of nesting habits do they portray? The turkeys are free-ranged on our farm, and free run of the whole place, including un-cut hay fields, the house yard, the garden, the barns, anywhere. I've searched the web, to no avial, for info on their laying habits. Any info anyone can provide would be appreciated.

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I don't know about your region, but I'm in California and my hens will usually begin to lay in late April-early May and will continue through June. This year they are still laying and that's odd.
If they are breeding, then the hen is probably ready to begin laying but I wouldn't pay much attention to it until next spring. Fertility is not great at odd times of the year with turkeys and the second year is always better overall.
I would suggest that if she goes broody, you pen them up someplace safe because while they roost in the trees at night, they build nests on the ground and are an easy target when they are holed up on eggs.

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Thanks - we have found a nest - with one egg so far - it was laid on Saturday. We're fortunate that our farm is relatively secure, we have dogs that defend our birds & keep predators out. Guess we're lucky that we taught them to not eat the birds, I suppose. :) Thanks again for your suggestions!!

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Thank you both for this thread of info. I found it very helpful. We have a trio of bronze turkeys that are 6 months old so they (and we) are about to learn together what breeding turkeys really means. I can imagine it to be quite an experience.

When you say that they build nests on the ground, is there anything we need to do to help them. ie: provide nesting material, nest boxes, etc? Or do they simply carve out a depression in the dirt? Thanks for your help.

Here is a link that might be useful: Lops of Enchantment

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We have a pair of one year old bronze hens & a tom who seems to be breading them, so where do I make them a nest, out of what? I really don't want them to hide while finding their own nesting sit...something will get them.???

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when a hen is very close to their eggs hatching, does the tom or the hen pull down feathers from the toms breast to put in the nest for the babies

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I have a pair of these also and I am not sure if they are breeding our not. The hen started making multiple sounds last weekend and pecking at the tom's neck. They are around 6 to 7 months old. The tom will do his strutting but no action yet. I am raising them as my breeders to raise table birds.

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treasurificgal(z8A CA)

We have Naraganset and Royal Palm Turkeys. Our Turkeys are not very broody, but the hens we have are. The Turkeys are also not particular about where they lay their eggs, sometimes laying them on the bare ground. I plan to incubate eggs this year in an incubator.

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please i want to start turkey raising but strictly for egg production., which turkey breed is best for me to buy.? thanks

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