Goat Horns freaking me out!

countrygrl82August 18, 2008

I have a 1 year old female goat that is the sweetest little thing. When i got her she had not been de-horned and was about to get sold for meat. I wanted to save her and am so glad I did. So heres my delima. I have a two year old daughter that loves to play with the goats. She goes up and down the slide with them and has a blast however, I am a complete mess worrying that she is going to get a horn in the eye or something. Does anyone have ideas about what I can do. Do they make caps??? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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ahbee01(z5 OH)

I never heard of caps! If she would leave them on, you could try and make your own out of a fun noodle(used in the swimming pool, to float on!) I think you could use pipe insulation also.
Which is not as thick as the fun noodles!!! Just cut them a little higher then the horns, they would be padded!!!
If you get that to work, you need to post a pic, it would be funny!

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Thanks Brenda that is a good idea atleast I could put that on her when we go out to play. I will definitely put up some pics that would be super funny!

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To me that's an accident waiting to happen No matter how well you pad them a poke in the eye still can do damage.Wouldn't take much if they fell going down a slide together. Scary thought.But then that's just me.I've been wrong before.

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crankyoldman(z5 NY)

I remember reading in a book on raising goats about someone glueing old door knobs on the ends of his goats' horns so they weren't so likely to jab themselves or get them stuck in fences.

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No horns on a goat playing with a 2-year old child, for me. It's a potential disaster in the offing.

The goats know what those horns are and what they're for, and regardless of how 'sweet' you may think your goat is, they can do some major damage to a child or another goat with just one jab. You either need to trade in this goat for one that was disbudded, or have her dehorned by a veterinarian - but be forewarned, it's not a pretty sight; dehorning an adult goat opens up some huge holes in the top of their head that take months to heal and close.

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Yep, no matter how you look at it, a horny old goat is just an accident waiting to happen.

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Horned goats aren't a problem but a 2 yr old playing with one isn't the greatest thing. As cute as they are they aren't pets. Don't take it out on the goat, give you daughter close supervision when she's with the goat. We've had all horned goats for 10 years up to 30 including a buck. Then we got involved with dairy goats and those folks pee in their shorts when they see a horned goat. We're converting our herd to horned and the heck with AGDA shows. Tom

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I think the idea of the fun noodle is a good one, it will not hurt the goat! I do agree even with protection, your daughter will have to be supervised, but that goes without saying I am sure.

When I was looking for goats I came across a lot of people who had goats with horns and they tell me that their kids were around them a lot with no incidents. I was skittish of the idea and I ultimately got goats without horns. I did notice that my goats are careful around my grandkids. with each other they can get pretty aggressive but I have not seen any aggression around my grands... so far

I did a search on the internet and I found a video of how a kid got accidently hit with a horn. if it had a noodle on it would not have been serious/ i could not find any articles where a goat gored a kid though.

Here is a link that might be useful: goat hits kid in face with horn

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Sometimes it feels like we have this disconnect in our brains. People can't be the problem, everything else is. We heat the side walk and patio instead of telling people to put on a coat. Same thing here. How about not glueing crap to the poor goat, how about goggles or sunglasses for the kid? (Child not kid...you know.)....It is the child you want to protect...so...shouldn't they wear the safety gear?

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I`ve had horned goats for many years and have never been hurt by my animals. If a goat (mainly does) is well taken care of and respects you, I don`t think it would ever hurt you on purpose. Having said that, accidents can happen, but please don`t be paranoid about it. Always supervise and teach your daughter how to handle the goat properly, so that the goat knows it isn`t the boss. Very similar to teaching children how to behave around family dogs. Unfamiliar goats are another story.

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i saw something on a blog about peaple whos goats horns where getting stuck in the fence, so the cut up a washing machine hose and put it across the goats horns and now they have no problems, and it sounds like that might work your your situation.

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oregonwoodsmoke(5 OR Sunset 1A)

Yes, you can buy horn caps for goats, They are round metal balls, and their actual use is as a weight to shape the horn into the desired shape.

I don't know how much safety a round metal ball on the end of the horn would provide, and then what are you going to do with the nasty little sharp goat feet? A pointed goat toe could injure a child's eye just as easily as a horn could. Getting struck with the hoof is a very real possibility.

Goats are not intended to be play toys for young children. I suggest that you move the goat out into the pasture with the farm animals and get the child an ADULT Labrador Retriever that is large enough so the child can't easily injure it.

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