How can I preserve a whole raw potato?

susankaJune 22, 2007

I have a heart-shaped potato I want to keep its shape. How can I preserve it? It's already beginning to look just a tiny bit different. I searched google, but nobody's talking about preserving a whole potato.


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Cut it thin and deep fry it.

Heart shaped potato chips.. mmmm!

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Take a photo of it, that will last longer.


Keep it in the freezer.

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You could try using one of those "Food Savers" and place it in the deep freezer. There's really nothing outside of "canning" to preserve a whole potato other than freezing it. It will probably be useless for any other purpose than a conversation piece, but it will keep it from turning colors in the freezer by using a typical freezer bag alone.

My foodsavers worth it's weight in gold around harvest time...just need a freezer the size of a house!

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Potato tubers were designed to keep in the ground, for nearly a year in correct circumstances. A tuber taken off the plant early in the growth cycle can't keep; also tubers grown in certain climates won't keep.

I've taken tubers out of the ground in early May, from the season before, that were in perfect eating condition.

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